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Build A Server
1. Choose God Mascot and talk to the angel in the room.
2. Choose God Play かみさまプレイ and Build A Homeland Server ホームランドをつくる.
(*You MUST change into God Mascot to build a server!)
3. The Screen will be black out and it asks whether you connect the Internet or not. Then choose Yes はい.
(*The server will start, but you have to check Server Information of Homeland whether your server becomes online オンライン or not.)
Choose God Mascot Choose God Play Connect BBA
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God Menu (Push the A button)
Push the A button then it shows God menu.
God Skills Field Map Town Map

Go down おりる:
Climb Up のぼる:
An area becomes green when there is more than one quester, and it shows the number of questers in that area. You can use the command Go Down おりる only when an area is green.
When an area is gray with numbers, it means questers are hiding in some buildings and God Player cannot see that area.
Use the command Climb Up のぼる as you go back to the former screen.

For Example:

Follow Questers ついせき: When you use this command, it shows the list of questers in that server. As you choose one quester, it shows the area map where the quester is. If a quester is hiding in a building, you cannot see that area map.
Notice けいじ: By using Notice, your message is announced through the whole world (server). It is the same as "Shout" the quester's skill. If you want to send a message to one quester, you can use the command Whisper みみうち of God Skills かみわざ.
History りれき: Your messages, questers' shouted messages, and the story events are shown in History. You can always see History but messages will be deleted automatically.
God Skills かみわざ: You can use God Skills to help or disturb questers. At the beginning, there are only 5 skills Whisper みみうち, Lightning いかずち, Pull Monsters (near a quester) まものよせ, Strings of Resurrection ふっかつのいと, Healing Chest いやしのつづら.
You need to make other God Skills in the room by talking to the angel. You need Clear Points to make God Skills. (It is the same as making Mascots.)

How to make God Skills: See Angel Menu section of this page.

I will explain about each skill in the next section.

God Skills
It costs God Pow to use God Skills. (It is the same as quester's skills.) God Pow increases as questers defeat monsters, or questers offer their Boru to God Player.
God Pow Spiral Menu
As you push the A button and choose God Skills かみわざ, it shows the spiral menu. It is necessary that an area map is shown to use these skills except the last two skills (with blue letter).

[Whisper みみうち] Cost 0 God Pow: Choose one quester to whisper.
[Lightning いかずち] Cost 240 Pow: Choose one quester you attack with small lightning.
[Great Lightning いかずちグレート] Cost 1000 Pow: Choose one quester you attack with great lightning.
[Royal Lightning いかずちロイヤル] Cost 3000 Pow: Choose one quester you attack with Royal (greater) lightning.
[Pull Monsters (near a quester) まものよせ] Cost 50 Pow: Choose one quester whom pull monster near.
[Summon Monsters まものしょうかん] Costing Pow differs depending on areas.: Spawn a monster (ONLY in dungeon and field area maps).
[Mighty Strike ごうりきのカツ] Cost 500 Pow: Raise one quester's status of strength for a while.
[Healing Light いやしのヒカリ] Cost 200 Pow: Heal 100 Life Points of questers, monsters or bosses.
[Strings of Resurrection ふっかつのいと] Costing Pow differs depending on questers' level.: Revive one quester or one monster (You cannot revive bosses).
[Healing Chest いやしのつづら] Cost 50 Pow: Spawn a chest which heals questers' Life Points a little or purifies questers' abnormal status.
[Large Healing Chest かいふくのつづら] Cost 500 Pow: Spawn a chest which heals questers' Life Points.
[Power Chest げんきのつづら] Cost 700 Pow: Spawn a chest which heals questers' Pow Points.
[Evil Chest あくまのつづら] Cost 200 Pow: Spawn a chest which spawns a monster.
[Earth Golem つちのけしん] Cost 100 Pow: Spawn an earth golem.
[Stone Golem いしのけしん] Cost 500 Pow: Spawn a stone golem.
[Poison Golem どくのけしん] Cost 1000 Pow: Spawn a poison golem.
[Lightning Golem いかずちのけしん] Cost 1800 Pow: Spawn a lightning golem.
[Magma Golem まぐまのけしん] Cost 2400 Pow: Spawn a magma golem.
[Icicle Golem こおりのけしん] Cost 3000 Pow: Spawn an icicle golem.
[Love Golem あいのけしん] Cost 3500 Pow: Spawn a love golem.
[Evil Golem じゃあくのけしん] Cost 4000 Pow: Spawn an evil golem.
[Sudden Jintori いきなり:じんとり]*,
[Sudden Prison-break いきなり:だつごく]* Cost 2000 Pow
: After God Player used this command, questers are able to start Jintori or Prison-break scenario quickly.
Sudden Skills
God player cannot decide when to start. Questers start it at the Park. All questers have to be in the Park when they start it.
It becomes invalid after the story event, that is Furabo used Porka Flute on the way to Porka.
*The last two skills are not able to use until someone finishes Prison-break and Jintori scenario in your server.

Stop And Restart Server
Push the start button, then this screen appears.God Play Set Up2

Stop Server ちゅうだん: You can stop the server and restart it anytime without loosing the server data. When there is more than one online questers, it counts 60 seconds and close the server. When there is no online quester, it counts 5 seconds and close the server. Do not push the power button or pull out the memory card until it saves the status.
Questers can login unless they Withdraw the mascot or the server IP address changes.
To restart the server, talk to the angel in the room and choose Restart the server かみさまをさいかいする. You don't need to change into God Mascot to do this.
Logs じけんぼ: Not like Histroy, Logs will not be deleted. It shows when a quester entered the server, when towns were opened, and when some story events occered.
Save きろくする: The server status is automatically saved once in a while. But when you especially want to save the status, use this command. You cannot save while story events are proceeding.

*Comment, *Password: These commands are invalid in the IP connection system. When we played through the official matching server, we could edit the server comment and password by these commands.

Set Up せってい: The set up screen appears as you choose this.
Set Up
Vibration On: When there is no one online and a player login that server, the God Player's controler vibrates as a notice.

As A Quester (Player)
How to use God Telephone
God Telephone
There is God Telephone in each town. With this, you can send message and Boru to God Player. 1 Boru becomes 1 God Pow as you offer. You can also send a message only. (When you want to send a secret message to God Player, for example.)

Step 1: Push the A button on God Telephone.

Step 2: Input your message to God Player.

Step 3: Decide how much Boru to offer.

Step 4: It shows your message and Boru you sent.

Step 5: It is announced to the whole world that you offered Boru.
* When you send message only, it is not annouced that you sent message to God Player. To send message only, after you input the message, just push the A button with 0 Boru (at Step 3).

Shout and Say
If God Player doesn't look at the area map where you are, God Player cannot see your Saying message with the speech bubbles. On the contrary, when you use the skill of Shout みんなにさけぶ, God Player can see your message no matter where you are. Shouted message remains in History, unlike Said message (with speech bubbles) disappears soon.

God Player cannot see the effect of Feeling きもち. Feeling is used by questers as an expression.
Choose God Mascot

Hiding in building
God Players cannot see or follow questers who are in buildings. When you talk with other questers in the inns and shops, God Player cannot see your conversation.





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