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・Collect cards and answer the questions, and get Correct Points. At the end, you will be ranked according this Correct Points.
・You need 3 Cards of the same color to answer 1 question.
・You need many spaces in your Inventory to proceed in Micro Maze. Throw away or sell all items except for a weapon and a shield.

How to get a Card
1. Monsters drop Cards and Sticky Paper.

2. In the Card Boxes.
Sometimes you pick a Sticky Paper.
はこの中のカート#12441; のコヒ#12442;ー Cards Boxes のコヒ#12442;ー

3.Steal from monsters.
Sometimes you steal a Sticky Paper too.
カート#12441;ぬすみ のコヒ#12442;ー

Answer questions in Micro King's room
You get Correct Points as you correct the quizzes. 1 Correct Points occupy 1 space but Micro King gathers 5 Correct Points into one space.
Of course, if you throw Correct Points away, they are not counted as your points.
5てんふ#12441;んか#12441;たは#12441;ねられた のコヒ#12442;ー せいかいホ#12442;イント のコヒ#12442;ー

How to deal with Sticky Paper ベトベトがみ
Once you have a Sticky Paper, you cannot throw it away. With Sticky Paper, you cannot answer a question, nor use the inn and shops.
Sticky Paper のコヒ#12442;ー ヘ#12441;トた#12441;いおう のコヒ#12442;ー ヘ#12441;トヘ#12441;トやと#12441; のコヒ#12442;ー

Sticky Eater ベトベトクイナ can remove Sticky Paper from your Inventory. Be sure that your pointer is on a Sticky Eater, and Hold it out.
Sack サック monsters usually steal Cards but they also steal Sticky Paper by chance. In this case that Sack will drop a Sticky Paper (you don't have to open it).
Sticky Eater のコヒ#12442;ー Sacks stealing

The spell Pyondeke ピョンデケ
Giant Mill ジャイアントミル monsters can get you out of the maze.
ヒ#12442;ョンテ#12441;ケ のコヒ#12442;ー

Card Exchanger and Card Keeper
In Micro King's room, two Blocks help you.
・Card Keeper
He gives one Card as you Hold out another. He keeps one Card, whatever you Hold out (even Sticky Paper). It is not changed unless other questers give him another one.
Card keeper のコヒ#12442;ー

・Card Exchanger
He exchanges Cards with you. Not like Card keeper, he doesn't keep one certain Card. His suggestion changes at randomly, so keep Talking to him until the Card you want comes out. (That is one of the ways of collecting )
Card Exchanger

Supplying Cards in the boxes
As you defeat Deka-Poris デカポリス the monster, sometimes Cards are supplied in some of the Cards Boxes.
Supplying Cards のコヒ#12442;ー

Use companions to deal with Sack サック
Sack サック the monster steals Cards, Correct Points and Sticky Paper. Once it has stolen an item, it tries to escape from you. As you defeat it, it drops the item which was stolen from you.
Sacks stealing のコヒ#12442;ー

Sack cannot steal from Absent Mascots, so you can use companions to avoid to being robbed by Sack.
なかまをつかう のコヒ#12442;ー

Critical Knife きゅうしょナイフ
Another tip is to use Critical Knife. With this weapon, sometimes you can defeat a monster by one critical hit. The success rate depends on your status point of Speed. Besides, if your Speed Point is high, it will be hard to be stolen by Sack. So I recommend to equip Speed Shield はやてのたて with Critical Knife.
You cannot buy Critical Knife in shops but the monsters Goldon ゴルドン and South Goldon なんぶゴルドン drop it. Or you can get one in Porka's black treasure chest.
きゅうしょ のコヒ#12442;ー ホ#12442;ルカにあるきゅうしょナイフ のコヒ#12442;ー コ#12441;ルト#12441;ンたち のコヒ#12442;ー

About number of quizzes
Offline: Offline the number of quizzes are always 3.

Online: Number of quizzes changes depend on the number of questers (including Absent Mascots). The more questers in that server, the more quizzes you have to answer.

Number of questersNumber of quizzes
1 to 312
4 to 1036
11 to 2060
21 to 3084
31 to 35100

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