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Prison-Break だつごく編 for online

Begin with any scenario that leads to Valk バルク.
I'll explain from when Elza's door is opened.

For example, in the Paradaika scenario do the events Cl1 - po19.
Or in the Boron Parts scenario do the events Cl1 - Va18.

El1. After the Elza's エルザ gate is opened, talk to the two robots inside the Elza's room then the Romsite ロムサイト appears.

El2. A warp zone appears on the left side of Elza. Go through the warp zone and talk to the Robot Prince Dot ドットおうじ (a blue robot with a cape).

El3. Examine one of the computers and choose Log in ログインする, Wait たいきする, Yes はい. And after making sure that other 3 online questers logged in, choose Start to repair しゅうふくかいし, Yes はい. (The announcement at the bottom says that 6 people logging in.)
Caution! 1; To proceed in Prison-Break scenario, 4 online questers are required to Log in. When you start to repair with less than 3 online questers, then it will proceed in The Golem scenario.
Caution! 2; After this event, it is fixed to Prison-Break scenario, and all items are taken away, besides you cannot go other place but Elza Tower.


Guide Video
All the process is shown in this video. [17:18]
[広告] VPS

(You don't need remember all of this process, unless you do it by yourself alone. Most of the case in Prison-Break, you will be with other questers cooperating, scrambling to go through the maze, being found by Guards and just enjoying.

Prison-Break notes;
・In Elza Tower, if anybody is found by the guard robots, all the questers go back to the jail. But you can retry from the beginning.
・If no one go to the goal within about 1 hour after the scenario is set to Prison-Break, then the scenario is forced to end and you don't get any Mascot or Accessory. (But the Clear Points are given.)
・When you clear Prison-Break scenario, the God Player will get a God Skill, Sudden:Prison-Break いきなり:だつごく.

・The two letters followed by a number at the start of each section indicate the places or the nearest town where you do the event. for example:
Cl = Cloots (クローツ), Ka = Kanel (カネル), Ur = Uru (ウル), Ir = Irumina (イルミナ), Ki = Kiro (キロ), Ap = Aprikant (アプリカント), Pa = Palmara (パルマーラ), Po = Porka (ポルカ), Va = Valk (バルク), El = Elza (エルザ) and so on...

Translation of the scenario
*The part written in blue is the same as the scenario Golem.

One day, the questers find two rusty old robots in the Porka Headland. The questers hit them to wake them up. Their names are Gatchan (GTN-03) and Pakkun (PKN-08), and they say they are in the duty of Hiraiseki investigation. The two robots have done their duty, but they notice that their base Elza doesn't respond their call. They go back to the Porka village, but they also notice that the forest and the people in the village changed from what they knew. They decide to go to Elza on foot through the Valk Desert.

In the Valk Desert, the two robots are surprised because their hometown Elza is completely gone. Elza appears from the cloud as Pakkun uses the emergency code 110, but they have no idea why it was sunk under the cloud. No one is in Elza and the gate is closed tightly. Something crucial must happened there, but they don't know what to do. The questers find someone who can open the gate, and the robots go into the Elza. They see their basement Elza now became like a ruin, and they find no one but some golem servants' bodies remain. They try to use the correspondence system in the control room, and catch a message from outside. It says "we are in the probe ship Romsite ロムサイト, exploring unknown worlds. We wish to contact you, unknown creatures." When the two robots go to Romsite, they find their same kind of robots. They know these robots, but they don't recognize Gatchan and Pakkun at all. Two rusty robots are welcomed as strangers.

In Romsite, Gatchan and Pakkun find their robot prince Dot, but Prince Dot doesn't recognize them either. Prince Dot and other crew believe that they came from the outside of Endepalna, and finally found an unknown world. Gatchan feels weird and asks the prince to check the main computer. They find the data is almost broken, and that is the reason of the confusion of the crew's memories. Gatchan asks the questers to help repairing the data.

だつごく3 だつごく6 だつごく4のコピー

However, for some reason, the main computer goes out of control and sends wrong information to the brains of Prince Dot and the crew. They capture Gatchan, Pakkun and the all questers, and trap them in the jail, Elza Tower. One of the questers attacks the guard robot, then he gets mad and opens the gate to fight back. But by his mistake, he opens the all gates of prisoners. He shouts, "the prisoners will escape!"
The questers find Queen Zamasu ザマスじょおう in a jail, and she wakes up as the questers hit her body. Not like Prince Dot, she remembers all about the golems' rebellion, that they had captured the Queen and all inhabitants in Elza and trapped them in the tower, and sunk Elza under the cloud. She trembles with anger and regret. Heard that Prince Dot and his crew have come back above Elza, she wakes other robots and orders the questers to make a way to escape.

Elza Tower consists of 10 levels(floors?) and the only entrance is on the 1st level. That means the questers have to go through the all levels down to the 1st, hiding from every guard robots in the tower. If anyone is found by a guard, all the questers will be forced to go back to the jails. The questers leave the jails to escape from the tower.
Hiding and avoiding the guard robots' eyes, the questers and Queen Zamasu arrives at the 4th level. "Well done, but this is only 4th level, so a little bit well done, everybody." says Queen Zamasu. She also tells that in order to proceed everyone had better move apart, go to different places to cooperate each other. The questers managed to find the entrance and get out of the tower. "Well done indeed!" says Queen Zamasu, and she let all inhabitants in the tower be released.

だつごく5 だつごく2 だつごく1

Gatchan, Pakkun and the Queen go to Romsite and find Prince Dot and his crew still be confused by the wrong memories. Queen Zamasu orders her attendant to repair the data of the main computer. The data is repaired correctly and sent to Prince Dot and his crew. He wakes up and says "Mommy!? ...well, what am I doing?" Queen Zamasu scolds the prince that he was easily deceived by Madoru.
"Shame on you, you meant to be a real good king of robots, Dot. I will restart training you from the beginning, and I will make you help me a lot with the reconstruction of Elza. Besides, you have to study harder because you were doing nothing for this thousands years!" says the Queen.
After all, everybody except Prince Dot seems happy that they take their city back.

Mascots: Cocotto, Komkom, Paradaika
You can get one of these mascots when you finish this scenario.





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