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Dorakuro scenario
Not like other scenarios, the main game of Dorakuro scenario is that online questers fight each other under some special rules. So this scenario is for online only. The required events to end Dorakuro scenario are as follows. (It is OK to save Morubon in Cloots, and find Netchorino in Uru, but they are not necessary.) I will explain the details in the sections below.

Ka1. Defeat the guard ちかどうのばんにん at the underground gate of Kanel.

Ur2. Get the Treasure Chest Key たからばこのカギ in Uru Mystery ウルめいきゅう.

Ur3. Defeat Burodin ブロディン in Uru Mystery.

Ir4. Hold Out the wings fragment つばさのカケラ to Fuyan フーヤン in Irumina.

Ki5. Prepare for Dorakuro.

6. Curse all questers on the server to end the scenario.

Preparing for Dorakuro
1. Collect 4 type of the Dark Scriptures ヤミのけいてん. Some certain monsters at certain places drop those Dark Scriptures. The Mascot Robo can steal them by Item Crane アイテムクレーン.
     Dark Scriptures copy

2. Hold Out the Dark Scriptures to the Dark Attendant ヤミのつかい, who stands at the southern part of Kiro Swamp キロのぬまち to check the password (4 randam hiragana characters).
あいことば copy ヤミのつかい copy

3. Use the command Say いう and input the password on the black treasure chest in Erudorola エルドローラ to get the Tomachu Surprising びっくりトマチュウ. The black chest is inside of the house in the northern part of Erudorola, which is located at the north of Kiro Swamp.

4. Go to the last level of Kiro Mine キロこうざん おくち and offer (Hold Out) certain number of Tomachu トマチュウ to the Skull Altar. It is in the north of the Huge Cavity だいくうどう. About the way to go there, see this page below.
Map - Kiro Mine
First, more than 3 questers offer 3 Tomachu, and then the last quester offers the Tomachu Surprising to the Skull Altar.
When the Tomachu is offered, the Dorakuro event starts.
トマチュウ捧げる2 びくトマ捧げる copy ドラ発動イベ

Official Hints

After the Dorakuro event, Dorakuro players are sent to the Dorakuro Holy Place ドラクロのせいち. In there, Dorakuro King and his attendants explain about the game. These are translations of what they say.

ドラクロおう copy The Dorakuro King
Who are you?;
You don't know me? You must be a newcomer. Look, I'll tell you what. I am the Dorakuro King who was sealed 1,000 years ago.

What's Dorakuro ドラクロ?;
You must be joking. You are one of Dorakuro! Someone who is cursed by Dorakuro will be reborn as a one of them. I will tell you some hints for Dorakuro. First, Garlics にんにく can deadly injure Dorakuro, remember this. Secondly, the more healing, the more damages to Dorakuro. You see? Healing spells reduce Dorakuro Life Points. Instead, Tomachu トマチュウ or the spell Dorakuron ドラクロン can heal Dorakuro Life Points a little. Anyway, I will completely heal your Life and Pow Points when you come back here.

What should I do now?;
We Dorakuro have power to curse non-Dorakuro folks. Using that power Dorakuron, change all the questers to Dorakuro! Then this world will be ours!

"Heal" me;
Yes, count on me. I'll give you power! (Only Dorakuro King can heal Dorakuro's Pow Point)

闇の手下左 copy The dark attendant at the left
The password is ○○○○ (4 random hiragana characters). When you use the command Say いう and input the password on one of the exit points, then you can come back here. Dorakuro can enter here just use the command Examine しらべる on the exit points. But be careful. Don't let non-Dorakuro folks know the password. Whoever know the password can enter here.

闇の手下右 copy
The dark attendant at the right
Only one Dorakuron spell cannot make a quester Dorakuro completely. If you curse him several times and the cursing power become full charged, then he will be Dorakuro.

Dorakuro Special Abilities;
We Dorakoro have other special abilities besides Dorakoron. When someone became Dorakuro, their strength stats increase to more than before. Therefore, the attack and defense stats also increase.

3 Exit Ways;
Here are 3 exit ways. The right way leads to North Continent (Cloots, Kanel and Irumina Road), the left way leads to around Valk (Valk Desert and Cocotto Town) and the way at the bottom leads to Kiro direction (Kiro Plain, Valk Road, Aprikant Plain, Palmara Plain, and Porka Forest South)

Ordinary inns heal Dorakuro Life Points but never heal Dorakuro Pow Points. You can heal your Pow when you come back here and ask Dorakuro King.

Cursing Together;
While you are cursing, if a Garlic is used on you, you will be dead at once. So it is better to curse them together by several Dorakuro as possible.

If any non-Dorakuro folk enter here, it would be a problem. If the Dorakuro King is defeated by Garlics, then it will be our end. Every Dorakuro will have the penalty. Before that happen, curse them somehow and make them one of us Dorakuro.

No Deduction;
There is no Deduction of the Clear Points for Dorakuro when they do Retry やりなおす. (However you will lose half of money (boru).) So when you died, you don't need to hesitate to Rertry because it is much quicker. When Dorakuro Retry, they come back to one of the entrances to the Dorakuro Holy Place. However, if the Dorakuro King is defeated, we all will have the penalty (returning to level 1, no money, no Clear Points).

I don' need any;
Not only me, but listen to the Dorakuro King too.

闇の手下まんなか copy The dark attendant in the middle
He sells you Tomachu トマチュウ which can heal 50 Dorakuro Life Points. I rather recommend to have the items that heal Pow Points like Pow-yan Seed パウヤンのタネ or Dried Pow-yan ほしパウヤン.

Translation of the scenario

ピネコの日記(夢) copy

Pineko's Diary in the Dream World tells about some mysterious offering. It says "Revelation in the dream; First, several questers offer Tomachu to the forbidden altar, and finally the last quester offers the 100-year-old mature Tomachu. That is the only way to revive the ruler of night."
When a quester offers Tomachu to the Skull Alter in the Kiro Mine, he hears the mysterious voice saying "Good offering, I will remember you. I will invite you as one of us when I revive." The last quester offers Tomachu Surprising びっくりトマチュウ (mature for 100 years long), the voice says "I feel my power is coming back! I finally woke again for I got the offerings! I will give you the reward, come to my Holy Place!"
(When the whole number of questers on the server was under 8 and more than 4 questers offer Tomachu, the voice says also "Um... This isn't good. Too many questers offered Tomachu to me. I have just waken so I still do not have enough power to call all of them. Sorry, but some of them will not be invited." At randomly some questers will take the secret message from Dorakuro King "No power to make you Dorakuro now, sorry" and stay as questers. However the quester who offers Tomachu Surprising will absolutely be a Dorakuro.)

聖地で一句 ドラ王アップ2 聖地でオオーー!!

The questers are called to the Dorakuro Holy Place and the Dorakuro King introduces himself as the king of Dorakuro who is sealed 1,000 years ago. However, he is disappointed for the questers don't know about him. He once was called as the master of night, but everybody forget him because he have been sealed for a long time. He makes a poem like this "1000 years have past, no one remember my last." The Dorakuro King likes to make poetry but the only good audience are his attendants. He pleasingly makes another poem after an interval of 1,000 years. "Too long the King lives, too many forgot his archives."
As the reward for the offering, the Dorakuro King transforms questers into Dorakuro and says "We had been ruined by people in this world, but finally it is time to revive! Again increase our folk to rule the world. Using the power to curse others, make all the questers to Dorakuro. Go!"


A quester invades the Holy Place and throws Garlic to the Dorakuro King. He coughs, gets angry and kicks out the quester. He warn the Dorakuro folk that he is fine with just one Garlic, but... "if I got Garlic twice more, I would be defeated once more." If that would happen, all Dorakuro folk will have some heavy penalties. Before he is defeated, make all the quester be Dorakuro, he says.


When Dorakuro players transform all the questers into Dorakuro, the King laughs and says "Well done! It is time for Dorakuro to rule the world! No one can resist us now. Transform all people into Dorakuro and create our paradise. Let's give a toast with Tomachu!" Thus, the world is owned by Dorakuro.
Instead of the Big God, the Dorakuro King appears on the Big God's chair and gives Dorakuro players Clear Points and a special Dorakuro accessory.

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