Basic Guides: Using Companions

If you know how to use companions effectively, your adventures in Homeland will be much easier and quicker. Please watch these two video guides. If they were not showed properly, reload the page.

Using Companions - Basics[広告] VPS

Making companions
Offline: Use つかう the Bell in the Park, and pay a certain amount of money (boru).
Online: Talk たずねる to Absent Mascots and choose Yes はい. If there is no Absent Mascot on that server, you cannot get any companion.

To check your companions' equipment, Talk to the companion. To make him equip a weapon or shield, Hold Out さしだす the equipment to him.
Offline: Your companions accept any equipments weaker or stronger.
Online: Absent Mascots accept only better equipment except for Accessories. If an Absent Mascot is not your companion, he doesn't accept any equipments, fight in the battles.

Talk to the companion and choose Ungroup なかまからはずす to remove him from group. You cannot Ungroup where there are any monsters.
Offline: the companion will disappear losing its equipment and returning to level 1.
Online: the Absent Mascot will not disappear, but just stops following you.

"You cannot leave your companions"
While your companions are binding the monsters, you cannot go to other areas (but you can use the spell Tobitto トビット or Tobitto Weed トビットそう to get back to towns). When your companion is unconscious in the towns, you have to Join Hand てつなぎ with him to go to inns, shops, and the Park.

Using Companions - Advanced[広告] VPS

Companions in Battles
Basically, companions act after your action. If you keep still, bound companions or binding enemies also don't act (but, not binding enemies or companions might act). Companions' actions vary depending on the kind of Mascot. Some Mascots can heal you, themselves, and your other companions, but they never use items like Herbs. Thier actions are random while they are bound to enemies. You cannot control their actions. When they are not bound, they heal you if your Life Points are less than half (yellow).

The Companion-Binding-Only Tactic
Companions follow your path, so if you move in a curve in front of the monsters then you can make your companions bind to the monsters instead of you (just like in the video). To make your companions battle the monsters, just keep pressing the R, A and B buttons (Hold Out). Your actions count as move and so your companions fight. Of course, if the companions' levels were low or equipped weak shields, they easily would be defeated. However, if you have a strong companion, he will help you a lot. Don't forget to heal them when they are damaged.
If your level is low, I recommend you to have a few Herbs and Tobitto Weed トビットそう (or the Guidance of Light ひざしのみちびき if you level up in dungeons) in case.

Useful and Less Useful Companions (Mascot Types)
In the video, I introduced that two companion Mascots - Furei and Misteka - would sometimes harm you. Two Things detemine whether or not a companion is useful; one is whether or not the Mascot can heal, and the other is whether or not it has distance spells.

See also,
Mascots As Companions

Reproducing the Absent Mascots Online
I wrote that "If there is no Absent Mascot on that server, you cannot get any companions." In the official matching server days it was true, but these days you can reproduce Absent Mascots. Follow the guidance below.

1. Right after you entered a server, press the start button and Logout ログアウト.
2. When you go back to the room, choose a Mascot and Talk to the Angel. Choose Go to the Other World いせかいへいく, Play Online ネットでぼうけん, Withdraw マスコットたいじょう, and choose Yes はい.
3. After the data is saved, choose Search for a Server ホームランドをさがす again.
4. Input a wrong IP and connect to the network, after it is saved, push B button to cancel.
5. Input a correct IP and enter the server again. Choose a suffix character for your name to distinguish your mascot from the Absent Mascot you left on the server before.

なかまふやし3 なかまふやし2 なかまふやし
If you repeat this, you can use a total of 4 companions. However, once you have Withdrawn, you cannot login with that Absent Mascot again.
*1 This method is possible by one saved data (Picture 1). If you want to login with those Absent Mascot again, make more than two Homeland saved data (pictuere 2) and enter a server one by one. In this case, you don't have to Withdraw the Mascots.

Pictuie 1        Picture 2
ピクチャ 2 copy ピクチャ 1 copy

The Critical Knife きゅうしょナイフ
Online, I myself often use Absent Mascots even if I don't know whose. I don't hesitate to level them up and equip them any weapons and shields. However, I have to be careful not to change the Mascot's equipment who equips the Critical Knife きゅうしょナイフ. This weapon is not for sale; the monster named Gorudon ゴルドン drops in Trek mountain トレックやま. This weapon sometimes kills a monster by one hit, so some questers like it very much. If I made the Mascot equip a weapon which has higher offense than the Critical Knife, I cannot give the Knife back because Absent Mascots don't accept weaker weapons. Regarding the Critical Knife, it tends to kill monsters by one hit when the speed status is high, so Speed Shield はやてのたて and Cyclone Medal はやてのメダル is a good combination with the Critical Knife.

きゅうしょ ゴルドン

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