Scenario Guides: The Golem

The Golem ゴーレム編

Cl1. Rescue Morubon (モルボン) from the bottom of the well.
Detail; Go to the south east of Cloots field (クローツへいげん) to find the pot of python (うわばみのつぼ), use it on the water of the pond (きよめのいずみ), go into the cave and talk to Morubon.

Ka3. Go to the underground of the library in Kanel, and defeat the guard at the gate (ちかどうのばんにん)

(Ur4. Find Netchorino (ネッチョリーノ) in Uru remains)

Ur5. Find Rick (リック) in Uru Mystery (ウルめいきゅう) and get the treasure chest key (たからばこのカギ)

Ur6. Defeat Brodin (ブロディン) the wizard in Uru Mystery.
Detail; Use the key on the red treasure chest, defeat the boss, and get the wings fragment (つばさのカケラ)

Ir7. Restart the Wings of Irumina (イルのつばさ)
Detail; Give the wings fragment (つばさのカケラ) to Fuyan (フーヤン), go into the round mark on the floor and choose "yes" (はい)

(Ki8. If you find both Morubon and Necchorino, the imitation trade event will occur.)
(Detail; In the inn of Kiro (キロ), talk to Morubon and get the huge jewel (デッカイほうせき), give it to the trader in the swamp (キロのぬまち) and get imitation of Boron parts (ニセのボローンパーツ), give it to Morubon in the inn.)

Ki9. Morubon get one of the Boron parts from Tick & Tack (チックタック) the traders.
Detail; Go to the west of town, talk to the lady with red head and get her picture (ブロマイド), give it to Tick & Tack and Morubon get one of Boron parts.

Pa10. Get the essence of earth (だいちのしずく) in Gogool Cave (ググールのどうくつ)

Ap11. Use the essence of earth on Furabo (フラボ, Green man lying on the ground)

Pa12. Defeat the boss monster in the mountain Trek (トレックやま)
Detail; Talk to Furabo, take the flute of Porka (ポルカのふえ), to the center of flower ground and choose "yes" (はい), defeat the boss

Ap13. Give the flute of Porka (ポルカのふえ) to Furabo on the way to Porka (ポルカへつづくみち)

Po14. Talk to Furabo in Porka, and the flute is stolen by Nanashi (ナナシ)

Po15. Talk to Rick outside of Porka village, and defeat the boss in the Porka headland (ポルカのみさき)

Po16. Awaken the robots in the hollow.
Detail; Go into the hollow with choosing "yes" (はい), examine one of the two robots, push A on たたく(hit it).

Po17. Go back to Porka village and talk to the two robots.
Detail; After this event you can go Valk (バルク) through the Irumina wings. Ride on the wind, then go to the southwest and go to the Valk desert (バルクさばく). Valk Town is at the north, and Cocotto Village is at the southwest of the desert. (It is not necessary to go Cocotto Village.)

Va18. Talk to the two robots near Valk Town, and then Elza (エルザ) appears, talk to the robots in front of Elza's gate.

Va19. Find Sakamba (サカンバ) who is the best key maker in Valk.
Detail; Talk to a man near the door of Sakabma's house. Go into the public bar and talk to Sakamba and choose "yes" (はい) twice.
サカンバのいえ バルクのさかば サカンバ

Va20. Help the gang escape from the jail.
Detail; Talk to a Cocotto girl who is in the entrance of Valk castle (on the northern part of Valk town), choose "yes" and get the letter by Kimi-chan (キミちゃんのてがみ). Give the letter to the Unicorn guard of the jail, talk to the Gyaro (ギャロ) in the jail, examine the desk of the guard, choose "yes" (はい) and get the key (ろうやのカギ). Use the key on the keyhole of the jail, get Mark of the Gang (いちみのあかし). Give Mark to Sakamba in the public bar, and get the horse whistle (ウマぶえ).

El21. Use Horse Whistle (ウマぶえ) in front of the gate of Elza, and choose "yes" to open the gate. Go into the Elza and talk to the robots and the Romsite (ロムサイト) appears.
Detail; You can also proceed the Golem scenario by using the whistle on the crack of the rock in
Valk Desert (It is the hideout of Bakura gangs), but you will have to beat boss monsters in Desert Remains (さばくのいせき). If you do Micro scenario (ミクロ編), this process is necessary. When you do the Golem scenario, using Horse Whistle at Elza is shorter way.

El1. A warp zone appears on the left side of Elza. Go through the warp zone and talk to the Robot Prince Dot ドットおうじ (a blue robot with a cape).

El3. Examine one of the computers and choose Log in ログインする, Start to repair しゅうふくかいし, Yes はい.
Detail; If you Log in the computers with 6 people (4 online questers) and Start to repair, it will proceed in the Prison-Break scenario. Offline, it is impossible to login with more than 3 people (Gathan, Pakkun and you).


El4. Go back to the Elza's room and talk to Prince Dot. Defeat a boss golem in the room where the two robots and Prince Dot is.

El5. After the boss golem is defeated, a warp zone to Remuru レムル appears in that room. Go through the warp zone and go to Remuru.

Re6. Talk to the Captain Golem たいちょうゴーレム (a dark golem) who is stopping the two robots in Remuru, and defeat the golem.

Re7. Go inside of the Doctor's house, and talk to the Doctor ハカセ. After this event you can use a inn and a shop in Remuru (in front of the gate to the last dungeon).

Re8. The gate to the Remuru Valley レムルのたに is opened. Defeat Captain Golem in the 3rd level.

Re9. Talk to one of the robots in the 4th level in Remuru Valley. (I recommend to find the key item Neuron IC before you talk to the robots)

Re10. Find the Neuron IC ニューロンIC and hold it out to one of the robots. Then the boss battle begins. Defeat the boss to end the scenario.

The Golem notes;
The map of the last dungeon Remuru valley is very complicated. See this page also.

・The two letters followed by a number at the start of each section indicate the places or the nearest town where you do the event. for example:
Cl = Cloots (クローツ), Ka = Kanel (カネル), Ur = Uru (ウル), Ir = Irumina (イルミナ), Ki = Kiro (キロ), Ap = Aprikant (アプリカント), Pa = Palmara (パルマーラ), Po = Porka (ポルカ), Va = Valk (バルク), El = Elza (エルザ) and so on...

Translation of the scenario
In Endepalna, some golems are just same as other monsters, but other golems help people or be their pets. Golems that are born in Palmara are very friendly not like the vicious golems outside. It is said that there is golems' holy island called Remuru レムル, and a golem king is in there.

コロちゃん ピクチャ 3 ピクチャ 4

One day, the questers find two rusty old robots in the Porka Headland. They lie beside the red mysterious stone Hiraiseki ヒライセキ, which is still glowing red. The questers hit them to wake them up. Their names are Gatchan (GTN-03) and Pakkun (PKN-08), and they say they are in the duty of Hiraiseki investigation. Hiraiseki suddenly appeared in the headland and all the Porka area is covered by cloud, so they are sent to research the cause of the matter. When they gather the data of Hiraiseki, it stops glowing and the red mist disappears. The two robots have done their duty, but they notice that their base Elza doesn't respond their call. They go back to the Porka village, but they also notice that the forest and the people in the village changed from what they knew. They decide to go to Elza on foot through the Valk Desert.

ピクチャ 5 ピクチャ 8 ピクチャ 10

In the Valk Desert, the two robots are surprised because their hometown Elza is completely gone. Elza appears from the cloud as Pakkun uses the emergency code 110, but they have no idea why it was sunk under the cloud. No one is in Elza and the gate is closed tightly. Something crucial must happened there, but they don't know what to do. The questers find someone who can open the gate, and the robots go into the Elza. They see their basement Elza now became like a ruin, and they find no one but some golem servants' bodies remain. They try to use the correspondence system in the control room, and catch a message from outside. It says "we are in the probe ship Romsite ロムサイト, exploring unknown worlds. We wish to contact you, unknown creatures." When the two robots go to Romsite, they find their same kind of robots. They know these robots, but they don't recognize Gatchan and Pakkun at all. Two rusty robots are welcomed as strangers.
The Robot folk lives with the golem servants in Romsite, but robots are not kind to the golems. They treat the golems as creatures with no brain or thought, and make them work like slaves.

ピクチャ 11 ピクチャ 14 ピクチャ 15

In Romsite, Gatchan and Pakkun find their robot prince Dot, but Prince Dot doesn't recognize them either. Prince Dot and other crew believe that they came from the outside of Endepalna, and finally found an unknown world. Gatchan feels weird and asks the prince to check the main computer. They find the data is almost broken, and that is the reason of the confusion of the crew's memories. They repair the data with the questers help, and Prince Dot and the crew find that they have just landed at the very same place they had left. They are very disappointed, and now they know that they have been drifting the world for thousands years long. Gatchan and Pakkun are astonished this information because they think they were sent to Porka very recently. The truth is, the two robots are involved in the accident in Porka Headland, and Prince Dot couldn't communicate with them. No one including Prince Dot doesn't know why their memories were broken and what happened to Elza. Besides Prince Dot's mother Queen Zamasu is missing. Gatchan, Pakkun and Prince Dot decide to go to Elza to make it sure.
When they go back to Elza, the golem servants awake, but they attack the robots for some reason. The questers help to defeat the golem servant's boss. The prince logs in the main computer of Elza, and Gatchan searches some clue. Most of the data were destroyed but they find a message from Doctor ハカセ, who was a researcher of Elza institute. The message says "zzzzz... Oh no, the golems... to Remuru anyway... zzzzz..." Remuru レムル is an island where golems are born. The prince opens the warp zone to Remuru, and Gatchan and Pakkun go to find out what happened.

ピクチャ 16 ピクチャ 18 ピクチャ 21

In Remuru, the two robots are attacked by the Captain Golem たいちょうゴーレム. The questers fight against him and he goes back to the Remuru Valley レムルのたに to inform his boss Madoru マドル of the intruders. One robot in Remuru tells Gatchan and Pakkun what happened in Elza in the past. Their golem servants have been out of control since the golems rose in rebellion against Robot folk. The golems trapped all robots inhabitants and Queen Zamasu in the Elza prison tower and sunk Elza under the cloud. The researchers and Doctor were confined to Remuru, and the golems have made them work just same as robots treated golems.
Gatchan and Pakkun visit Doctor. He is surprised to see Gatchan and Pakkun, and he tells everything. The leader of the rebellion is Madoru, who is brought up by Doctor himself. The robots surprised because Doctor had taken good care of Madoru just as his own child. In those days he was researching about how to make golems have intelligence, and Madoru was his experiment sample. Madoru's intelligence developed rapidly, and as a result he rose in rebellion, leading his companion golems. Doctor explains that Madoru has intelligence but he doesn't has his heart.
Doctor asks the two robots to give his Neuron IC ニューロンIC to Madoru. Without it, Doctor will never work like he does now. In a sense, he will die. Nevertheless, he doesn't want to leave Madoru as he is. He says those problems are all his fault, and that is the least he can do to make amends. Gatchan and Pakkun leave for Remuru Valley to deliver the Neuron IC, Doctor's heart to Madoru.

ピクチャ 24 ピクチャ 26 ピクチャ 27

At the bottom of Remuru Valley, Gatchan and Pakkun tell Madoru about Doctor's wish and his death. However Madoru refuses to have the Neuron IC and says he is glad that Doctor died. Gatchan says Madoru really needs Doctor's Neuron IC and they going to make him accept it. Madoru gets angry and tries to kill them to let them know the golems' pain treated like slaves. Gatchan argues that Doctor didn't treat golems as such, and Pakkun tries to take the Neuron IC. However, he realizes he doesn't have it. He seems to drop it somewhere in that floor for he falls down several times. Hurry-scurry, the robots go back on their way to find it.
With the questers help, the robots find the Neuron IC. But again, Madoru refuses to accept it and he comes down to fight.

ピクチャ 28 ピクチャ 33 ピクチャ 35

Defeated by the questers, Madoru stops resisting. He says he is ready to be killed, but that is not what the robots want. They want Madoru lives and takes over the hope of Doctor. When Pakkun sets the Neuron IC to Madoru, he feels something warm which is different from anger or hatred. Gatchan says Doctor wanted to tell Madoru that a heart cannot be given but he can raise it by himself. In stead of Doctor's death, Madoru has to raise his heart all by his own. Madoru finally seems to realize what he has done and that Doctor sacrificed his own life all for Madoru. He hits the wall with feeling sad and regretful.
The two robots are satisfied with that they accomplished their duty. When they about to leave, Madoru asks them to wait. He tells that the inhabitant robots in the Elza tower are just sleeping and once he releases them they will be awake. He promises to do so, and he says he was wrong. The two robots and Madoru make a promise to make a new world together with all golems, robots and others.

Mascots: Unicorn, Robo, Porka, Ganto
You can get one of these mascots when you finish this scenario.

Translation of Doctor's Diary
Click "続きを読む" to read the rest.
In Doctor's room in Remuru, you can read Doctor's Diary.
Doctors Diary

About golems
I wonder why golems have no will and are made to work like tools……? I don't understand it. What is so different between us robots and golems? I feel sorry for those golems. Is there something I can do for them?

About Madoru 1
I adopted a little golem kid and named him Madoru. ……Madoru, now I took your parent's place. I hope you will be a bridge between the robots and the golems when you grow up.

About Madoru 2
Am I right about what I have done? I implanted that intelligence chip in Madoru, so that he can have his own will……. He certainly becomes wiser and wiser…… however…….

About Madoru 3
Madoru seems to have gained not only intelligence but also distress and suffering too. I believe it hurts him to see his own kinds being used as tools. He seems to have a grudge against me for I gave him intelligence. Also, against the robot folk…….

About Elza
At last, what I have been afraid of happend! Madoru rose in rebellion with his golem friends! The unprepared robots in Elza were all caught, and they were trapped in the prison tower. And then Madoru sank Elza under the clouds. Oh…… what a tragedy!

The original sentences:

なぜゴーレムは意志を持たず道具としてこきつかわれなければならんのだろう……? わしには納得がいかん。我々ロボットとゴーレムがどれほど違うというのか。ゴーレムが不憫でならん。何か彼らのためにできることはないのだろうか?











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