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Text Input System
Keyboard controllers are not available in Homeland. You use Text Input Panel to input a word. At first it is difficult to input words, but it is a very flexible tool to communicate with other online players. Until you get used to it, don't rush and input one by one. If you don't want to talk much online, it is enough if you don't forget to greet and thank others.

Text Input Panel
When you Say いう and Shout to everyone みんなにさけぶ, the Text Input Panel appears.
Text input panel2

Controler in text input mode
Say control4

Text Mode
Text mode 

The differences between Say and Shout to everyone

Everyone on the server can see what you Shout, while only someone around you can see what you Say. And Shouted words are shown on the bottom of the screen and remain in history (りれき) so you can see it later, while Said words are shown on speech bubbles and will soon disappear.
God players certainly can see what questers Shout, but sometimes they can't see clearly what they Say. If you want to tell your words to a god player, I reccomend to Shout than Say.

In Quester Park, Timote has the secret book of fast speaking.
ティモテのまきもの copy
1. Push D-pad to Say quickly.
2. Push start button to finish your text input.
3. X button can change an input word capltalized or uncapitalized.
4. L button can switch Hiragana ひらがな and Katakana カタカナ.
5. R button can input a space.
6. It is faster to choose W → Z than to choose W → X → Y → Z.

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