What is HOMELAND? What is this blog for?

HOMELAND is a Nintendo Gamecube software which was released in 2005 by Chunsoft.
This game is available only in Japanese.


You will start at this screen, your room. You turn into a mascot and go to the other world Endeparuna (エンデパルナ), and you can play online also.

basic screen copy

The angel:
This angel guides you to the Endeparuna and the online world. He also helps you to create new mascots.
The mascot box:
When you go to the other world, you need to turn into a mascot. You have only two mascots at the beginning, and there are 14 kinds of all.
Your homework:
When you cleared a certain scenario, it will changes into a book. You are able to read (play) the book. The book tells you the story of 100 years ago. This story has only one ending and the online play is not available with this book.

Apart from the book's story, this RPG has 11 different scenarios. The starting point is the same village, and some events determine how to branch the scenarios. Some scenarios can only be played online.


The speaking system is very unique. You speak with a speech bubble, using the text input panel (a keyboard cannot be used).
You can type English, Hiragana (ひらがな), Katakana (カタカナ), and smilies.
Japanese Kanji (漢字) characters are not used at all in HOMELAND.

What is this blog for?
This blog is for to support game fans abroad and to enjoy HOMELAND more.
Although I am just one player and don't know everything about it, I can introduce you what I know at least.
I also inform you of the server events, and as possible, I will write reports about the events.

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Useful Links
Some translation websites don't work unless you input the Kanji correctly. This free online dictionary can search in Hiragana and Katakana too:

If you don't know how to type Japanese, copy & paste from this chart. (text encoding EUC-JP)

In addition…2robot.gif
These cute icons were created by Kitsune (きつね) in 2008.
Thank you for letting me use them!



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I deeply appreciate you've built this amazing blog.
and hope you enjoy this game HOMELAND wordwidely.
twittter @kojimalta

Re: No title

コメントありがとうございます!!ご…ご本人様ですか…!?許可なく画像など使ってしまって申し訳ありません!!(汗) このブログの読者はある海外のクエスターさん1人だけだと思ってたので、コメントすごく嬉しかったです!!その人1人のために作ったようなブログですが、あわよくばもっと外国の方もホームランドを遊んでくれたら…と思っています。コメントありがとうございました!

Thank you very much for your comment! Pardon me, but are you Mr.Maruta himself!? I'm very sorry that I'm using the images of HOMELAND without permission...
I thought the reader of this blog was one certain quester abroad, so I'm very glad for your comment! Actually, I made this blog for that quester alone, but I am thinking more and more player abroad would find and enjoy HOMELAND. Again, thank you for your comment!


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