Event Items and Others

There are some event items related to proceed some events. Not all the events decide the scenario. Other items are what Obaba doesn't keep.

Cloots クローツ, Kanel カネル, Uru Remains ウルいせき, Irumina イルミナ, Aprikant アプリカント, Palmara パルマーラ, Porka ポルカ, Valk バルク, Cocotto Village ココットむら, Romsite ロムサイト
Use = command つかう
Hold out = command さしだす

Event Items

Event item namePlace to UsePlace (person) to get
Wonder (Snake) Vase
Use on water in Purifying pond きよめのいずみExamine near white flowers in Cloots plain クローツへいげん
Purifying Water
Use on the black barrel in Uru remains ウルいせきBorio ボリオ in Purifying pond きよめのいずみ. Need 50 boru
Nomusan's Favorite
Hold out to Nomusan ノムサンin Kanel's inn.Talk to a girl in Cloots shop and choose Yes はい (After Horo Path boss ホロのまもの is defeated)
Parcel (Package)
Hold out to Cloots shop クローツのどうぐやさん, or Librarian in Kanel カネルとしょかんのししょさん, or Lot in Uru ウルのロットさんTalk to Jet ジェット in Irumina  shop and choose Yes はい
Signed Receipt
Hold out to Jet ジェット in Irumina shopEach town you delivered こづつみ Parcel (Package)
Boron Parts
Hold out to Morubon モルボン in Cloots, and choose Yes はい.Isaku イサク in Kanel カネル
Unreadable Book
Hold out to the researcher underground KanelIsaku in Kanel
Dirty Ring
Use on water of Purifying pond きよめのいずみIsaku in Kanel
Beautiful Ring
Hold out to Hosshi ホッシー in ClootsDirty ring changes.
Wings' Fragment
Hold out to Captain Fuuyan キャプテンフーヤン in Irumina イルミナBurodin ブロディン drops in Uru mystery 4 level ウルめいきゅう 4かい
Love Letter
Hold out to the man near the altar in ClootsBurodin drops in Uru mystery 4 level
Kitchen Knife
Hold out to Blacksmith かじや in KanelBurodin drops in Uru mystery 4 level
Dummy's Mirror
Hold out to Dummy ドゥミー in KanelBurodin drops in Uru mystery 4 level
Kanel's Secret Medicine
Hold out to Gonza ゴンザ in Healing Forests いやしのもり near KanelBurodin drops in Uru mystery 4 level
Shrine Doll
Hold out to the hollow of Friend Shrine トモダチのほこら near IruminaExamine somewhere on Wind Headland かぜのみさきnear Irumina
Huge Jewel
Hold out to Trader しょうにん Kiro swamp キロのぬまちTalk to Morubon モルボン in Kiro's inn, and choose Yes はい
Imitation Boron Parts
Hold out to Morubon モルボン in Kiro's innHuge Jewel デッカイほうせき changes.
Madam Kirara's Picture
Hold out to Tick&Tack チックタック in Kiro.Talk to Madam Kirara オクサマー (red head Kirara) in Kiro, and choose Yes はい
Hold out to Street Trader ろてんしょう near the weapon shop in Kiro.Treasure in Kiro's Rocky Area キロのいわば
Spa Water
Use on the black barrel in KiroTrader しょうにん in Kiro (after he gets Abacus そろばん). Need 500 boru
Toy Block
Hold out to Toytoy トイトイ in AprikantMotchi モッチー gives you after Spa Water is used.
Use on the crack of rocks in Trek mountain トレックやまTalk to Unicon in Trek mountain, and choose Yes はい
Earth Essence
Use on Furabo フラボ in AprikantTreasure in Guguru cave ググールのどうくつ
Poruka Flute
Hold out to Furabo in Road to Poruka ポルカへつづくみち.Furabo gives you in Trek mountain
Palmara Soil
Hold out to Stubborn old man がんこオヤジ(Red Block) in Trek mountainPalmara, the trader. Need 500 boru.
Use on bottom-right of Flower garden in Trek mountain トレックやま さんぷくStubborn old man in Trek mountain gives you
Flower Garden Soil
Hold out Boboteru ボボテール  in Palmara (outside of the wall)Trek mountain, Flower garden トレックやま さんぷく
Broken Poruka Flute
Hold out to Furabo フラボ in Poruka (outside of Poruka)Treasure in Mugenso cave ムゲンソウのどうくつ near Kiro (Dark World)
Treasury Pass
Hold out to the Poruka man near Treasury in PorukaFurabo gives you
Whale Conch
Use between the two monuments in Cloots plain クローツへいげん (east part)Treasure in Attic of the Kanel library (Dream World)
Half-read Book
Hold out to the girl near Cloots inn of Dream World ユメのせかいExamine in fron of the girl near Cloots inn
Wonder (Drunk) Vase
Use on water of Dream World ユメのせかい Purifying pondDream world Cloots plain クローツへいげん, near white flowers (Dream World)
Dream Chime
Examine the tree in the center of Cloots plain in Dream World, choose Yes はいTokoyami cave in Dream World
Reality Chime
Examine the tree in the center of Cloots plain in Dream World, choose Yes はいThe cave under Purifying pond in Dream World
Key of Banaba's Room
Use on the top-right door in KiroTalk to Ooie オーイエー, choose yes はい
Amber of Devil King
Hold out to the hood man in Kiro mine キロこうざんExamine the amber in Kiro Church, and choose yes はい (Devil King)
Receipt of the Amber
Hold out to Tick&Tack チックタック in KiroThe food man gives you (Devil King)
Essence of Mugenso Flower
Hold out to Babacha ババチャ in KiroExamine the flower in Mugenso cave ムゲンソウのどうくつ and choose yes はい (Dark world)
Velvera's Jewel
Hold out to Keel キール (the ghost) in Eldrora エルドローラExamine the jewel and choose yes はい (Dark world)
Piece of Soul
Hold out to Velvera ベルベラ (the ghost) in Kiro ChurchExamine each soul in 6 areas (Dark world)
Letter from Kimi-chan
Hold out to the guard みはり in Valk JailTalk to Kimi-chan キミちゃん in the entrance of Valk Catsle
Jail's Key
Use on the key hole of Valk JailExamine the keys near the table in Valk Jail (after talk to Gyaro ギャロ)
Testimony of the Gang
Hold out to Sakamba サカンバ in Valk BarGyaro ギャロ gives you in Valk Jail
Horse Whistle
Use on the crack Valk Desert バルクさばく, or in front of Elza's エルザ gateBakura バクラ gives you. Or Berima ベリーマ gives you with 10,000 boru.
Piece of the Crest
Use on the crest on the wall of Ritual Chamber ぎしきのま in Desert Remains さばくのいせきExamine somewhere in Desert Remains 2 level さばくのいせき 2かい (all five)
Origin of the Magic
Hold out to Burodin ブロディン in AprikantTreausre in Elza エルザ (after defeat Burodin ブロディン)
Neuron IC
Hold out to the Robots (GTN or PKN) in the last level of Remuru valley レムルのたにlExamine somewhere in the last level of Remuru valley レムルのたにl
Key of something (animais or towns)
Examine red chests, or Examine doors in Arijiji Hall アリジジホール, and choose Yes はいIn Arijiji cave アリジジのどうくつ
Tomachu Surprise
Hold out to the altar in Kiro mine キロこうざん おくち (after 3 Tomachu)Black chest in Eldrora エルドローラ

*1 In Kanel, Isaku イサク sells these items only when you didn't help Morubon モルボン and find Netchorino ネッチョリーノ.

*2 ex. カバのカギ Hippo Key, ヒツジのカギ Sheep Key, キツネのカギ Fox Key (animal key which opens red chests). キロのカギ Kiro Key, ウルのカギ Uru Key, クローツのカギ Cloots Key (town key which opens doors in Arijiji Hall アリジジホール). アリジジのカギ opens the gate to the brown room.

Item namePlace to UsePlace to get
Connection List
Warp to other questers ちかくにいく, Tell your words secretly ことばをつたえる, Break off the connection きずなをたつ.(Online)
ナゾのたから *1
Mystery Treasure
Hold out to Mr. Koburan コブラン in Uru, or Hold out to Tick&Tack チックタック in Kiro.Treasure in Uru Mystery, ウルめいきゅう
Broken Amber
Hold out to Tick&Tack チックタック in Kiro.Treasure in Mugenso cave ムゲンソウのどうくつ
ヤミのけいてん *2
Dark Scripture
Hold out to Dark Errand ヤミのつかい in Kiro swamp キロのぬまち.4 certain monster drops.
Emergency Badge
Use and choose Yes はい, then you will go back to certain level of the Elza tower(Prisonbreak scenario)
Jintori Coder
push A on it, then you'll see the territory list.Robot in Valk Catsle gives you. (Jintori scenario)
ぎんのすず Silver BellUse. Monsters and the soul answer back.Red chest in Kiro Church. (Dark world)
せいなるともしび Holy LightUse. The light turns on or off.Red chest in Kiro Church. (Dark world)
Portrait of the Criminal
Hold out to Berima ベリーマ in Valk, choose Yes はい.Talk to Ikatchi イカッチ in the jail of Valk.
Decoding Book
(You can read Paradaika when you have this.)Talk to the researcher in the entrance of Uru Mystery ウルめいきゅう, choose Yes はい.
Tama-chan Delivery
Talk to Ana アナ in Poruka, or Traveler たびびと in Horo ホロのこみち, or Captain Puuyan キャプテンプーヤン in Valk Road バルクかいどう.Talk to Mr. Delivery でまえクン in Cocotto Village, choose where to deliver.
Ancient Essence
Talk to Collecter コレクター in Valk to exchange.Talk to Exchange Essences しずくこうかん in Valk when you have 5 Silver, or 3 Gold, or 1 Platinum Essences.
Cards of something
Talk to Tiny King ちびっこだいおう after collect 3 same cards.Monsters drops or in the boxes in Tiny Maze ちびっこめいろ.
Correct Point
Keep them until the scenario ends, then your rank will be decided.Tiny King ちびっこだいおう gives you when your answer is correct.
ベトベトがみ *3
Sticky Papers
Hold out to Sticky Eater ベトベトクイナ in Aprikant (outside the Maze).Monsters drops or in the boxes in Tiny Maze ちびっこめいろ.

*1  Mr. Koburan judges Mystery Treasure as follows.
Treasures from 1st to 3rd level
(Weapons) Sword, Apprentice Wand, Magic Wand,
(Shields) Wax Shield, Gong Shield, Magic Shield
(Accessory) Fang Badge, Cyclone Badge, Jade Badge
(Item) Resurrection Stone, Special Restorative, Water of life
Treasures from 5th to 7th level
(Weapons) Knight Sword, Demon club, Violence axe
(Shileds) Blessing Shield, Power (Points) Shield, Alminium Shield
(Accessory) Loose Amulet, Erudora Ring, Penance Symbol
(Item) Resurrection Stone, Healing Shower, Pow-yan Concentrate

*2 Monsters that drop Dark Scripture
Scripture 1: Dark Golem やみゴーレム in Tokoyami cave トコヤミのどうくつ
Scripture 2: Suniru スニル in Uru Mystery 2 level ウルめいきゅう 2かい
Scripture 3: Sardenサーデン in Kiro's rocky area キロのいわば
Scripture 4: Demon Terun オニテールン in Kiro Mine キロこうざん

*3 The cards are Red Card あかカード, White Card しろカード , Pink Card ももカード, Green Card みどカード.
Sticky Papers ベトベトがみ : You can't throw it away because it's sticky. With this paper, you can't answer quizes or use inn and shops. Sticky Eater ベトベトクイナ only can remove this paper. (But in fact, Sack サック in maze sometimes steal it.)





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