Basic Guides: the Main Commands

The Main commands

When you push A button, the main commands appear. The main commands are these 6: examine (しらべる), items (もちもの), skills (わざ), status (つよさ), join hands (てつなぎ), and say (いう). Click the pictures to expand. First, I will introduce the commands mainly used in offline mode.


Command 1: Examine (しらべる)
You use this command when you examine something, talk to somebody, open a chest, attack a monster and so on.This command is usually grayed and cannot be used on anything, but when a white arrow appears over something and the command turns black, you can use it.
Some events start when you talk to a character or examine something.


Command 2: Items (もちもの)
[広告] VPS

Push the second button from the bottom-right to expand the screen.
Same video on YouTube.


Weapons, shields and accessories are included in this item list. You can't carry more than 13 items (12 in online mode). Push X button to arrange items. These three commands are very important.
Use (つかう): To use items such as Herb (やくそう) and Restorative (かいふくやく), use this command to select the item and then press the A button. If you want to use an item on one of your companions, select the companion with the red arrow before pressing the A button. This command is also used with certain weapons and shields.
Hold out (さしだす): When you want to make companions equip something, or when you want to give an key item to a character, use this command on that person. You can also hold out borus (push A button on the numbers of money, decide how much to hold out, push A. If you give borus to companions or offline questers, they won't give it back.)
Equip (そうび): Use this command to equip weapons, shields and accessories. To remove them, use this command again. An equipped item has this red icon 魔王編に使った画像 beside it in the items list.
Throw away(すてる): When you want to throw away needless items, choose this command and choose "yes" (はい). But you can never pick it up once you threw away. (On your screen it is shown that you threw an item away, but other online questers can't see the message.) You can't throw important items which is related to progress some events. Kamonau Obaba (カモナウオババ) on the quester park can keep the key items.

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Command 3: Skills (わざ) shortcut: C stick
You can use skills and spells to heal your life points, attack enemies, escape the dungeons, cure the abnormal status and so on.
The list of skills is shown a spiral menu. Roll the control stick グリグリスティック to the right to see the next, and roll it to the left to go back.
Each skill or spell costs power points (pow) to use. The cost pow numbers is shown on the bottom of the screen.

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Command 4: Status (つよさ) shortcut: L button
You can see your level and status in detail by this command. When you have companions, their life, pow, and their levels are shown first. Enter the control stick グリグリスティック to the right to see the next page.

Status1.gif Status2.gif Status4.gif

ちから: strength すばやさ: speed かしこさ: intelligence こうげき: offense ぼうぎょ: defense

Command 5: Join Hands(てつなぎ)

[広告] VPS

Push the second button from the bottom-right to expand the screen.
Same video on YouTube.

You can join hands with your companions, or other online players. In battles, you can attack stronger by joining hands with using pow points (Joining hands attacks). You can also use some other mascots' skills by joining (Joining hands skills). For example, Kirara's (キララ) reflecting barriers (はんしゃバリア), Pinoc's (ピノック) regular healing (かいふく) and so on.

Command 6: Say (いう) shortcut: D-pad
This command is mainly used online, but some events demand you to say some words. (ex. ウーモンパ the lost child event in Kaneru.)

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With these shortcuts, you can directly control the commands.
C stick: skills L button: status R button: join hands D-pad: say X button: the spell of "Gyun"


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