Scenario Guides: the Devil King

The Devil King 魔王編

Cl1. Rescue Morubon (モルボン) from the bottom of the well.
Detail; Go to the south east of Cloots field (クローツへいげん) to find the pot of python (うわばみのつぼ), use it on the water of the pond (きよめのいずみ), go into the cave and talk to Morubon.

Ka3. Go to the underground of the library in Kanel, and defeat the guard at the gate (ちかどうのばんにん)

(Ur4. Find Netchorino (ネッチョリーノ) in Uru remains)

Ur5. Find Rick (リック) in Uru Mystery (ウルめいきゅう) and get the treasure chest key (たからばこのカギ)

Ur6. Defeat Burodin (ブロディン) the wizard in Uru Mystery.
Detail; Use the key on the red treasure chest, defeat the boss, and get the wings fragment (つばさのカケラ)

Ir7. Restart the Wings of Irumina (イルのつばさ)
Detail; Give the wings fragment (つばさのカケラ) to Fuyan (フーヤン), go into the round mark on the floor and choose "yes" (はい)

(Ki8. If you find both Morubon and Necchorino, the imitation trade event will occur.)
(Detail; In the inn of Kiro (キロ), talk to Morubon and get the huge jewel (デッカイほうせき), give it to the trader in the swamp (キロのぬまち) and get imitation of Boron parts (ニセのボローンパーツ), give it to Morubon in the inn.)

Ki9. Morubon get one of the Boron parts from Tick & Tack (チックタック) the traders.
Detail; Go to the west of town, talk to the lady with red head and get her picture (ブロマイド), give it to Tick & Tack and Morubon get one of Boron parts.

Ki10; Find the amber of Devil King (まおうのコハク) in Banaba's room.
Detail; Go to the east of town, talk to Ooie (オーイエー Ohyear?) and choose "yes" (はい) to get the key of Banaba's room, use the key in front of the room, go into the dungeon and defeat the boss.
★If you do this event, the Devil King scenario will be confirmed. You can't do another scenario from here except Draculo.

Pa11. Get the essence of earth (だいちのしずく) in the cave of Guguru (ググールのどうくつ)

Ap12. Use the essence of earth on Furabo (フラボ, Green man lying on the ground)

Pa13. Defeat the boss monster in the mountain Trek (トレックやま)
Detail; Talk to Furabo, take the flute of Poruka (ポルカのふえ), to the center of flower ground and choose "yes" (はい), defeat the boss

Ap14. Give the flute of Poruka (ポルカのふえ) to Furabo on the way to Poruka (ポルカへつづくみち)

Po15. Talk to Furabo in Poruka, and the flute is stolen by Nanashi (ナナシ)

Ki16. Defeat Nanashi in the church of Kiro.
Detail; Go to the west of town and enter the hall, talk to Nanashi and defeat him, examine the amber of Devil King and choose "yes".

(Ki17. The item Nanashi drops is the flute. If you give it back to Furabo, He will give you the pass to the treasury of Poruka. Give the pass to the guard of the treasury to get some equipments.)

Ki18. Give the amber to the costumer in Kiro mine (キロこうざん).

Ki19. Go to the mine and defeat the Devil King to end the scenario.

The Devil King notes;
・The Kiro mine (キロこうざん) is very very complicated. See this page below to know how to get the area where the last boss is.
Map - Kiro Mine

・If you finish this scenario, you can get the book which is written about the Devil King a hundred years ago. The book's scenario is for offline only.

・The events written in blue are the basic events. You will go through those events no matter what scenario you do.
・The events written in red are the branching events. Those events are crucial in branching of the scenario.
(・If the event is in round brackets, it means it is OK whether you do the event or not.)
・The two words in front of the number indicate the places or the nearest town where you do the event. for example:
Cl = Cloots (クローツ), Ka = Kanel (カネル), Ur = Uru (ウル), Ir = Irumina (イルミナ), Ki = Kiro (キロ), Ap = Aprikant (アプリカント), Pa = Palmara (パルマーラ), Po = Porka (ポルカ), Va = Valk (バルク), El = Elza (エルザ) and so on...

Translation of the scenario

バナバのへや バナバ まおうのコハク2

Ooie (オーイエー), who is the manager of the apartment in Kiro (キロ), is getting angry because her lessee Banaba (バナバ) brings a strange thing in his room. Something mysterious happens and the room becomes a dungeon with monsters. She needs to clean the room because Morubon likely wants to rent the room. Ooie asks the questers to do something with it. When they defeat the monsters in the room, a queer amber appears and the room gets back as it was. That is what Banaba brings and it changes the room and bear monsters. It is called the amber of Devil King.

音楽堂のナナシ こうざんのおきゃく 魔王復活

Banaba is frightened and says he don't want to go back to the room. Ooie thinks the amber is just garbage and gives it to Tick & Tack the traders. After Morubon moves in the room, Nanashi visits Kiro and tries to get the amber from Tick & Tack. The traders ask the queasters for help, and they defeat Nanashi. (In the real world, he cannot fight as he does in the dream world.) Tick & Tack thank the questers and ask to deliver the amber to the customer in Kiro mine (キロこうざん). When they bring it to the suspect customer, he turns into the Devil King with the power of the amber. In fact, there is the Devil King in Endepalna (エンデパルナ) a hundred years ago, but he is thought to be dead. Now, the new Devil King revive and tries to attack towns.

ヤミへいし 魔王がおそってきた ニセ魔王

The questers fights against the dark soldiers, and finally defeat the Devil King. He turns into what he actually is, just an underling monster. He thought that he could get as much power as the true Devil King a hundred years ago by using the amber, but it is impossible. He gets upset and tries to kill the questers too, but they barely escape from the mine.

At the end of the scenario, the Big God gives you the book about the true Devil King.

(I want to translate that story too someday.)

Mascots: Furei, Kirara, Block, Kuron
You can get one of these mascots when you finish this scenario.





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